Helping Africa’s Fintech Revolution and Solve Its Financial Woes via Oduwa Coin

Oduwa Coin is a revolutionary digital payment ecosystem that offers Fintech solutions to Africa’s financial troubles. Its larger goal is to help all the unbanked and underserved communities in Africa and around the world. Using the peer-to-peer technology, Oduwa Coin acts like digital cash and settles all its transactions over a self-governed and decentralized blockchain network.

Using a Hybrid Blockchain Platform to Address Privacy, Efficiency, and Security – Oduwa Coin

The Oduwa Coin resides on a hybrid blockchain platform that adopts the Proof-of-Work (PoW) + Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus model. Being a completely decentralized platform, the Oduwa blockchain puts the maximum focus on privacy, efficiency and security of its users and their funds.

Anyone and everyone from around the world can join and mine the Oduwa Coins using the Oduwa blockchain wallet and generate passive income in return. With the platform’s Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, users joining the Oduwa blockchain platform can serve as nodes and earn a decent reward.

Besides, being a part of the Oduwa community, users can also buy/sell the Oduwa coins as well as make any cross-border payments just from anywhere around the world. The staking process for the Oduwa Coin can directly happen from the Oduwa blockchain wallet that is available on both – Android and iOS platforms. Oduwa also has Core Mining Wallet on all three computing platforms – Mac, Linux, and Windows.

What Makes Oduwa Coin Special? Its Ability to Deal With Crypto Market Volatility

Cryptocurrency adoption has happened at a relatively slower speed than many might have expected! The reason is the innate nature of cryptocurrencies, which makes them a highly volatile asset class. An average investor finds it very difficult to adapt to this volatile behavior which ultimately drives him towards investing in steady assets that are not massively volatile.

Cryptocurrency investments need not necessarily mean sleepless nights and Oduwa proves it. The Oduwa volatility insurance blockchain solutions protect an investors’ portfolio against fatal portfolio crashes. The Oduwa blockchain network uses its native smart contract feature to protect the portfolio like a steady market trade loss against any volatility for a contractual period.

The best thing about the Oduwa platform is that it covers its investors 100% when they lose their money without charging anything. The platform only charges you fees when your investment appreciate. This is an exceptional attempt from Oduwa to bring back confidence in the cryptocurrency market while offering safety and assurance to the investors.

The Oduwa Coins come with several other benefits. The Oduwa Coins are tradable at several crypto trading platforms like Crex24, Exrates, and Stex. P2PB2B and more. Besides, users can buy Oduwa against fiat or other popular cryptocurrencies.

The Oduwa blockchain has got its own merchant gateway wherein you can trade Oduwa Coins with no fees. Also, the platform offers easy liquidation of Oduwa Coins using the Oduwa Pay Debit Cards. The total supply for the Oduwa Coins is pegged at 21 million. Changing the Digital Economy Landscape for Africa

The team behind Oduwa Coins is working aggressively to bring digital payments infrastructure in Africa and change the way Africa does business with the rest of the world. Offering important infrastructure for borderless and cashless payments, Oduwa Coin will help Africa’s local business to do trade on a global map.

Oduwa Coin’s conventional mobile wallet Oduwapay is gaining a lot of popularity within the unbanked community. This shows Oduwa’s successful penetration in the underserved communities and the road ahead to success.


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