Oduwa Coin Marketplace: A State-of-the-Art Store Enabled with Oduwa Coin Payment System

The Oduwa Coin came out as the Global Equalizer to help underserved communities around the world benefit from the usage of cryptocurrency. Not only this, but it is also helping them secure their investments by providing insurance and introducing OduwaUSD, a stable coin to fight volatility when users on the ecosystem store their investment on Oduwapay e-wallet.

Every day, a lot of products enter the market serving the needs of users. Oduwa Marketplace was developed to help members buy essential items to see through the pandemic or other valuable items with Oduwa Coin.

Oduwa Marketplace | A One-Stop Shop for the Pandemic

A one-stop-shop for almost everything that users need to protect themselves from the virus. Furthermore, other sorts of products existing on the platform include health supplements, energy boosters, watches, and merchandise.

Users can pay via the platform with Oduwa Coin and shield themselves from sharing confidential data and other important details. Due to the present architecture of Oduwa, users will find interacting with the platform easy and smooth.

Several online marketplaces serve customers with essential commodities and other things. But Oduwa currently focuses majorly on providing the items related to the pandemic. The customers can buy gloves, masks, PPE kits, and other essential items.

The motive of running the online marketplace powered by the Oduwa Coin is to help the frontline fighters save as many people from the clutches of the pandemic. Furthermore, with this approach, the development team and the founders also aim to empower the Oduwa Coin and allow people to start engaging with the platform for other purposes than buying the important pandemic things.

More than this, another motive to run the online marketplace is to help the minority vendors and service providers get uplifted. By associating with the businesses, Oduwa Coin is helping them get business.

OduwaPay | A better Way to Pay

Even though the users can pay with other methods, it is secure and cost-effective to pay with Oduwa Coin via OduwaPay. This unique payment system has several benefits for the users, including reduced transaction costs, access to exclusive deals and offers, better purchasing power, and cashless features strengthened by the Blockchain.

Users can get the OduwaPay mobile application and use it to pay for online purchases. Not only this, but it can also be used to conduct cross-border and cashless payments. It is also possible to store, spend, and receive Oduwa coins in the application.

Every transaction is saved on the blockchain ledger. So, if users send payments or buy products, there will be no double-counting, and everything will be verified at the source. The multiple levels of authentication associated with every transaction create a secure payment gateway.

Lastly and one of the most important aspects of Oduwa Coin is that it aims to propagate economic equality. With Oduwa Coin becoming a stable source of value, the users will benefit from its ability to negate the effect of inflation as a blockchain currency is not correlated to fiat currency.

Despite the fluctuations in the fiat market, the crypto market won't get affected, which also maintains the purchasing power of the user to a great extent.

A Peer to Peer Transaction System Redefined

At its core, Oduwa Coin is a complete package of financial solutions for the users giving them access to send and receive cash and make payments. Furthermore, it helps the users get insurance on their existing investments compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Oduwa Coin runs on the principles of democracy, trust, and self-governance. The best part is that it incorporates the same responsibility and welfare that the development team has brought to the Oduwa Marketplace.

The innovative solutions and community-oriented working principles make Oduwa a preferred choice for the users.

In a Nutshell

The Oduwa Marketplace offers cost-effective solutions in terms of providing pandemic-related products which the user can purchase at lower rates than the market with Oduwa Coin.
A cryptocurrency platform exercising the true meaning of self-governance. Oduwa Marketplace makes the underserved communities aware of the benefits of cryptocurrency by giving them access to a global digital economy.


Author: Shibashish Nandi
Editor: Emmanuel Enabulele


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