Oduwacoin - The 1st Pan-African cryptocurrency to go Global

DollarStore— the World’s Leading Online General Merchandise— will accept Oduwacoin Payments … The Best of Both Worlds 


For Africans and the whole Oduwa community, shopping with their famous and top-notch cryptocurrency - Oduwacoin - wasn't easy until DollarStore accepted it. 

The world's largest online merchandiser: DollarStore, is to accept Oduwacoin, making it easier for customers to make purchases through it easily. It’s going to revolutionize the way we shop, especially across the regions. 

With this initiative, Oduwacoin becomes the 1st Pan-African cryptocurrency to go global and has opened the way for several opportunities. 

There's much more to discuss this cryptocurrency and how Oduwacoin is the new hope for Africa. 

What is the Importance of a Partnership between Oduwa and DollarStore?

Oduwa is one of the best digital currency platforms and has a massive reputation for allowing people to do digital transactions with anyone without geographical restrictions. 

This network aims to provide efficient, quick, high-performance transactions at a lower cost. 

At the same time, DollarStore, being the most prominent online global merchandiser, is well-known for selling a variety of goods at exceptionally low prices. Customers can purchase almost every basic necessity of life by spending a few bucks or even less. 

The collaboration of both platforms means providing all the Oduwacoin owners worldwide a chance to shop their favorite products at the lowest prices, as this cryptocurrency is going to be valid for all US flagship stores. 

Additionally, the partnership of both companies will allow customers to benefit from the fantastic services of both platforms. 

This will bring an unparalleled experience of shopping at DollarStore while paying in the most-favorable digital way. DollarStore's acceptance of Oduwacoin has also turned the famous Oduwa quote into reality:

   "Cryptocurrencies should be spent like money and not sold" - Nana Obudadzie Oduwa I 

What is Oduwacoin? 

Known as Africa's offer to the cryptocurrency world, Oduwacoin is a next-generation alternative to all-time famous Bitcoin. You can assume that Oduwacoin is going to be a 2023's cryptocurrency to succeed like Bitcoin! 

The name for this currency originated from the ancient Benin Kingdom, which means the road map to wealth. It may surprise you, but the belief behind this name was that "Your money should work for you and never against you." 

This open-source cryptocurrency is mainly created to empower people of African descent and other underdeveloped areas. The complete network of Oduwacoin runs on the native blockchain that controls, manages, and keeps all the transactions secure. Moreover, customers can also check everything related to new coin creation and verify the transfer of coin ownership. Oduwacoin aims to make the concept of Proof-of-Stake valid so real people have real apps in the future world of cryptocurrency. 

Goal of Oduwacoin

With the news of the 1st Pan-African cryptocurrency reaching the worldwide market, the primary aim behind the creation of Oduwacoin was to give Africans an efficient digital system and change the way they interact with the world is rightly set up. 

Key Features of Oduwacoin

Some of the key features of Oduwacoin that resulted in a successful deal with the DollarStore!

  • It's the first cryptocurrency to use PoS, and it's an IVIE version for increased security of this protocol. 
  • Oduwacoin is dedicated to a selfless, fearless democracy, love, trust economy, and humanity for everyone.
  • Every trade OWC Coin Holders make on Oduwa doesn't have any fee, making it a perfect cryptocurrency for payments and ownership with no fees.
  • Only 21 million Oduwacoin are present worldwide, as the parent company believes scarcity increases demand.
  • Oduwacoin runs on its own blockchain, which makes it one of a kind.

Anyone from the community who responds to the email Dollarstore@oduwablock.io, “Send me Coupon,” will be entitled to a discount upon launching. This is a limited offer for the first 1000 members of the community.  

Contributors - Mary Eiling 

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